Vega Software's AstroClock

the free live astrological wheel for your desktop or device

Now for Windows 10, Mac OS X and iOS
also works with earlier versions of Windows

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AstroClock is a "live" Astrological chart wheel which is updated every minute. You'll see the Ascendant and other cusps change minute-by-minute, and the current position of the planets gradually moving. The look of the chart is customisable, and it can be sized and placed anywhere on your desktop. The system tray constantly shows the current ascending sign or whether the moon is Void of Course.

FREE (Standard version)

standard version has almost all the features, no ads, no nags, no spam, all yours for nothing

$4.99 (PRO version)

PRO adds extra features for experts & market traders
Windows 7 and newer
Mac OS X 10.7 and newer

Also available for iOS - Android coming soon